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Sanyo 42TW72R Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner

Sanyo 42TW72R Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner is a miracle of science produced by the Sanyo Company. This air conditioner is the only air conditioner that features Ductless Split System with DC Inverter and Auto Louver Function. This ac unit has indoor as well as outdoor units.

Manufacturer�s Specifications:

The manufacturer�s specification of this model are:

  • The Dimensions of the Indoor Unit is 9 7/16"(H)X62 1/32"(W)X26 3/8"(D) and the Weight is 84.0 lbs

  • The Dimensions of the Outdoor Unit is 48 7/16"(H) X37"(W) X13 3/8" (D) and the Weight is 220.0 lbs

  • It performs 39,000 BTU of cooling functions per hour

  • It removes 12.6 Pints of moisture in an hour which is very high and cannot be compared to any other ac unit

  • This air conditioner is energy efficient as it uses 15.6 SEER while cooling

  • The power input of this conditioner is 4,140/4,140 Watts

  • The air conditioner supplies 230/208 Volts of power

  • This model uses R-410A of refrigerant

  • Running Amps for Cooling is 21.1/2 3.3 Amps

  • The fuse capacity of the indoor unit is 15 Amps and the fuse capacity of outdoor unit is 40 Amps


The Sanyo�s air conditioner model Sanyo 42TW72R Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer�s warranty. You have to provide an installation receipt and also the sales receipt to the warranty service provider to get the service free.. The manufacturer accepts any warranty service from only licensed HVAC (Heating ventilation air conditioning) technician who has installed the ac unit at your home.


This air conditioner has the following benefits:

Remote control - Sanyo's LCD Display Remote Control makes it an easily readable remote control. You can use the ac unit according to your aptness.

Easy installation � Since no ductwork is required, installation is simple, fast & efficient.

Microprocessor control � because of the microprocessor control the temperature and humidity levels in the room are always comfortable.

Dry Mode � the coupling compressor and fan operation irregular operation can be controlled according to room temperature, so that dehumidification is efficient.

Automatic Restart � after a power cut the air conditioner starts automatically.

3 Fan Speeds � a comfortable airflow is maintained by 3 Fan Speeds according to the room temperature.

Attractive features � this air conditioner features a 24-Hour Programmable Clock with ON/OFF Program Timer.

Quite operation � this is the ultra quite air conditioner.

The Sanyo 42TW72R Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner fulfils your heating and cooling function. Breathe fresh by using this air conditioner. This air conditioner is good for usually large size rooms. Take pride of using this ac unit.

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