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Sanyo 42XW72R Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner

Sanyo 42XW72R Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner has been equipped with the latest technology to offer to its customers the most versatile cooling solution. It needs very low energy for its operation creating a very comfortable atmosphere and healthy air space. It is easy to maintain with a high efficiency rating. Sanyo has been manufacturing air conditioners from 1958, and has improved with time, taking into its fold the changing needs of the society.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The dimensions of the indoor unit (in inches) are 14 � (height) x 41 (width) x 31 (depth).

  • The airconditioner weighs 60 Lbs.

  • The cooling capacity is 39,500 BTU (British Thermal Unit)/hour.

  • The speed of moisture removal is 14.4 pints/hour.

  • The power supply needed is 230 Hz and the running current is 19.3 amperes.

  • THis AC has three different fan speeds that can be automatically controlled and are variable.

  • The air filter is washable. It has a refrigerant pipe whose maximum length is 165 feet.

  • As it has been integrated with the R-410A refrigerant, the minimum SEER is 13 SEER. This refrigerant is environmental friendly in nature.

  • The rotation speed of the compressors ensures rapid cooling and heating.

  • The direction of the flow of air can be adjusted manually according to needs.

  • Anti-mould chemicals and other repellants are used in the filter to keep it free from bacterial formation.

  • After a power cut off, the air conditioned restarts automatically. It has been designed in such a way.

  • For longer system life and durability, it comes with a factory-installed filter dryer

  • The unit is equipped with an integrated drain pan that is fixed some 20 inches above the drain pan.


Sanyo offers a warranty of six long years on Sanyo 42XW72R Ceiling Recessed Air Conditioner. The related parts have a warranty of one year. The user�s manual is very extensive. Sanyo air conditioning offers unmatched reliability to its consumers. It guarantees a long service life. Within the stipulated time frame, the defective or non-functioning part with either be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the manufacturer. The parts comprising the model are of the highest quality and each unit has been manufactured with great care and precision.


Easy Operation: The design of this Sanyo AC is user friendly and hassles free in nature, hence it becomes easy to handle and operate.

Environment Friendly: The refrigerant used in this model is environment friendly in nature. It is the R-410A that does not affect the chlorine layer in the atmosphere, hence helps save the ozone layer.

Long Lasting: This particular model offers a warranty of six years. The manufacturers have ensured a long service life.

Quiet: It has a very quiet operation. It is equipped with twin rotary compressors that reduce the vibrations and the noise during operation.

Microprocessor Control: This model has been loaded with a Microprocessor for its controls, a wireless remote controller and a low-ambient remote controller for its cooling.

Timer: The maximum time range for the timer is 72 hours. The ac can be set to switch off itself after 72 hours. The timer can also be set on a weekly basis.

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute and Electronic Testing Laboratories certify the performance of Sanyo 42XW72R Air Conditioner, making it one of the most trusted air conditioners available.

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