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Sharp AF-S100NX Energy Star Air Conditioner

Sharp AF-S100NX Energy Star Air Conditioner is a high cooling capacity air conditioner. This is a window air conditioner and as the name suggests it is energy-star rated. The air conditioner performs noiseless operations to make the environment soothing. The moisture removal capacity of the air conditioner is equally good. It is true energy-saver and thus highly economical in its operations. It fulfils cooling demand exactly as per the user's needs. So this product can be appreciated as a good looking, strong and reliable model to lead luxurious life.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

This Energy Star AC has multiple amazing specifications. Some are listed below.

  • The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 10,000 British thermal Units

  • The air conditioner is energy star certified.

  • It has three variable cooling speeds and three fan speeds also with an auto cool function.

  • It can cool a room of size ranging between 325 -580 square feet.

  • The energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner is 10.8 which are pretty commendable.

  • It removes the moisture at a rate of 3.0 pints per hour.

  • It offers a four-way air direction.

  • The net weight of the model is 77.2 lbs

  • The specific dimensions of the air conditioner are 14.4"h x 18.9"w x 22.6"d


With such a great goodwill that Sharp has established over the years, it cannot afford to lose its single customer. It tries to make every customer special in its own unique ways. One of the ways is the unique warranty policy of Sharp. The manufacturer offers five year warranty on sealed cooling system of. Sharp AF-S100NX Energy Star Air Conditioner. Other parts of the ac is warranted to its original customers for a period of one year.


Comfort touch with electronic controls: THis model of AC once installed, the customer need not worry about anything. This electronic magical appliance caters to every small need of the user. With a 24 hour on/off timer nothing else can be more easy and friendly for a customer.

Variable air-flow: The air conditioner has three variable speeds and a four way adjustable air flow. This ensures a proper and complete cooling of the room.

Easy Remote: The remote can be used even from a distance to set the temperature. This reduces unnecessary getting up again and again.

Highly efficient: There is no doubt that the air conditioner is highly efficient and promising. The energy-star rating speaks for itself. Moreover it is an energy saver as it does not draw much of the electricity to perform cooling operations. The fan and the compressor automatically stop once an optimal temperature is met.

Quiet operations: The AC just cools the room. It does not make unnecessary noise. It is very quiet and hence enables a sound sleep.

With innumerable benefits that Sharp AF-S100NX Energy Star Air Conditioner has, one does not need to give a thought whether he/she should invest in this. Sharp understands the value of a customer and its money, so it delivers what it promises. In a nut shell, it is easy to install and has a brilliant cooling capacity.

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