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Sharp AF-S60NX Energy Star Air Conditioner

Sharp AF-S60NX Energy Star air conditioner has an EER (Energy efficiency Rating) of 10.7 and comes with an Energy Star rating. The efficiency of this model exceeds the efficiency of the usual air conditioners by 10%. The manufacturers are known to be champions of durability. This model is the ideal solution for cool indoor comfort and minimum consumption. It is appropriate for residential purposes.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The dimensions of the product (in inches) are: 12.6 (height) x 18.5 (width) x 16.3 (depth). It weighs a total of 43.4 Lbs.

  • Sharp AF-S60NX Energy Star Air Conditioner has three different fan speeds and three different cooling speeds, with the direction of air being a 4-way path.

  • The timer ranges from one hour to 12 hours. It also has a separate 24- hour timer.

  • Though the model does not have a removable filter, it is equipped with a permanent, reusable and washable filter.

  • The moisture removal rate is 1.9 pint/hour. And the chassis has been fixed to the air conditioner.

  • This Energy Star model of AC is rather user friendly. It is equipped with Comfort Touch controls and a Rest Easy remote.

  • Other main features are the Auto-Cool technology and the Energy-Save mode. The compressor switches itself off as soon as the optimal requirement of temperature is met.

  • The manufacturers specify that the filter had better be cleaned once a week, so as to avoid clogging of dust particles.

  • Smooth and quiet operation is ensured by a high density foam compressor sound blanket.

  • It has been modeled stylishly and is compact. It can be fitted onto any window with the dimensions (in inches): 21 � to 34 � (width) and 13 3/8 (height).

  • The Auto-Cool technology of this AC helps adjust the fan speeds as well as the cooling speeds according to demands.

  • An easy access design ensures the Sharp AF-S60NX Energy Star air conditioning unit is easy to service demands.


The warranty given on the entire sealed cooling system of this air conditioning unit is five years. The related parts and the labor service have been warranted for a year each. The design and the workmanship of each unit are of the highest quality and make. The model has been assembled with great care and precaution. Any defects arising in the model within the stipulated time frame will be refurbished at the discretion of the manufacturer. Sharp is known to be a champion of durability and reliability.


Easy to Operate: This AC has been designed in such a way that makes it easy to handle and operate. This model has been loaded with Comfort Touch and Rest Easy technologies.

Durable: This model has a prolonged service life. The assembled parts are long lasting and hence do not corrode easily.

Energy Saver: This Model of AC belongs to the Energy Star series of air conditioners. Hence, the power consumption is less and it is environment friendly in nature.

Easy design and quiet Comfort: It has a sleek design that makes the model look like an adornment, adding to the home d�cor. The operation of the air conditioner is silent.

Sharp AF-S60NX energy star air conditioner has been designed a for quiet and efficient operation for residential purposes. It ensures a guaranteed performance. To sum up, it is user-friendly and environment-friendly in nature.

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