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Sharp AF-S85NX Energy Star Air Conditioner

Sharp AF-S85NX Energy Star Air Conditioner provides cool comfort even during the hottest months of the year. The design standards are kept high and it fit into the home decor extraordinarily well. The design is sleek and extremely stylish, which makes the home design come out exceptionally well.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • Cooling capacity of the unit is 8,000 BTU per hour

  • It has an amazing Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10.8

  • The air conditioner can easily cool an area of 235 to 415 square feet

  • The four-way air direction is available which lets the user direct the cool air to a specific region of the room, where the user feels it is needed the most

  • The unit has a filter that removes the unwanted dirt and filth particles to make the system very clean and efficient.

  • The filter is permanent, washable and also reusable with tilt-out access.

  • The unit has a moisture removal capacity of 1.7 pint per hour


Sharp AF-S85NX Energy Star Air Conditioner, as also in case of other products of Sharp, is manufactured with great precision to rule out any defect in it. However, in the rarest of rare event of a user finding fault in the functioning of the air conditioning unit, the model is covered by an attractive warranty scheme which promises free repair or replacement of malfunctioning parts within the warranty period. The warranty covers Sealed Cooling system for a period of five years and one year on other related parts. There is also one year warranty on labor.


Efficiency Certified by Energy Star: Sharp AF-S85NX Energy Star Air Conditioner is a highly efficient unit. It is designed to save energy and money. The unit has kept the environment as a top priority. The unit is eco friendly in nature. This air conditioning unit has exceeded the federal efficiency standards for air conditioners by as much as ten percent. This has lead them to gain logo Environmental Protection Agency´┐Żs Energy Star, which is a proof of their efficiency.

Energy Save Mode: The energy save mode adds another feather to its hat. When the optimal temperature is met, the automatic reaction of the fans and compressors is to stop. This saves power.

Feature Rich Remote Control: The rest easy remote control can operate the AC. A user can turn it on or off according to one's will from any corner of the room. With this remote control fan speed and temperature can be easily adjusted.

Comfort Touch Control: The user friendly, Comfort Touch Control has the 24 hour on or off timer and feature to effect one degree increments in the temperature.

Auto Cool: The auto cool is the result of the new technology. This adjusts the fan speed in order to be in conformity with the requirement. When the demand is high, it can give way to powerful cooling and conversely when the demand is low, it can give a quiet comfort.

Sharp AF-S85NX Energy Star Air Conditioner is a popular choice due to its advanced features and hosts of benefits.

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