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Sharp Air Conditioners are a well known appliance worldwide.

For the past more than 90 years, Sharp Corporation has been manufacturing innovative and high quality products like Sharp air conditioners and is one of the leading electronics companies in the world. Presently, the headquarters of this company are at Mahwah, New Jersey. It established the US marketplace in 1962. Out of the Sharp family of products, a strong segment is of portable air conditioners. Sharp portable air conditioners ventilate and dehumidify the space, are for efficient cooling and well made and easy to use and are of perfect use for portable and quiet cooling. These air conditioners have a patented plasmacluster air cleaning technology that is a unique process that enables to cool as well as simultaneously freshens the air.

Portable air conditioners

The portable air conditioners from Sharp have easy roll casters to take it from one room to another. The window adapter kit and exhaust hose are used for venting the hot air. This air conditioner can be used as a fan, it vents room air to the outside and also dehumidifies. It has several models like CV-P12LX, CV-P10MC, CV-P10MX, CV-P10NC. the features of the CV-P12LX are as follows � It is very quiet and the noise is 36 dB at low cool. There is a bucket less design and the built in condensate disposal system drives the water out of the exhaust hose. There is a 4 way air direction which can be used to direct the cool air where it is needed the most. The automatic oscillating louvers are used to sweep the air across the room for good comfort and distribution.

Energy Star qualified

The Energy star qualified sharp air conditioners exceed existing federal efficiency standards by minimum 10 percent. Due to this the sharp air conditioners can have the EPA ENERGY STAR logo. Some of the models are AF-S155NX, AF-S125NX, AF-S125MX, AF-S120NX, AF-S100NX, AF-S100MX, AF-S60MX, AF-S60NX, AF-S80MX, AF-S80NX, AF-S85NX. The AF-S85MX model saves money, saves energy and assists in maintaining the environment. The rest easy remote enables to set the timer with the touch of a button, alter the fan speed, and adjust the temperature and to turn the unit on or off.

Comfort Touch

The Comfort Touch sharp air conditioners are remote controlled models that permit to operate the touch controlled functions from a distance. There is no need to get up from one�s place to set the delay timer, alter the fan speed, adjust the temperature or turn the unit on or off. The AF-R100MX model is used to adjust the fan speed in response of the cooling demand for potent cooling when there is high demand and quiet comfort when there is low demand. When the optimal temperature is reached, the compressor and fan cease operation. AF-R120MX, AF-R100NX, AF-R120NX. are some of the other models.

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