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Slider Casement Air Conditioners

Slider air conditioners or also known as slider/casement air conditioners are manufactured by most of the leading brands such as Frigidaire, Friedrich, Kenmore, Haier, LG and GE.

Each of the brands designs and develops a range of air conditioner units that are usually categorized according to their set of unique features.

Slider/casement air conditioner is one such type, which usually means a room air conditioner (RAC) with a pre-assembled design that can be mounted in a sliding or casement window.

As most leading brands manufacture solutions for home air conditioning with some of them featuring slider/casement air conditioners, it is important to take a look at some of the models under these brands.


Frigidaire has quite a few models under this category such as FAK12431, FAK10431 and FAK085R7. The main different in the first two slider air conditioners is the BTU capacity and the room size capacity it can cater to.

While the model FAK12431 has a 12,000 BTU capacity and can cool up room sizes up to 640 ft., model no FAK104R1 has a BTU capacity of 10,000 and can cool up room size of up to 5,000 sq ft.

The model no FAK085R7 is an ENERGY STAR� qualified room air conditioner. This has a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTU and can cool room sizes up to 350 sq. ft.

Some common features for all three airconditioning units include 24 hour on/off timer, 3 fan speeds, antimicrobial mesh air filtration, window mounting kit, slide out filter access, full function electronic controls and full function remote controls.


A leading air conditioner manufacturer, Friedrich has a couple of window air conditioning units with slide out chassis. One of its main models is model no SS08L10, which has a BTU cooling 8400 and an energy efficiency of 11.4. Besides its regular features, the airconditioner also has a slide out chassis for facilitating easy installation and maintenance.

Model no SS12L30 has a BTU cooling of 12100/11900 and has a couple of interesting features including slide out chassis.

Other features include masonite side boards for long-term installation, one touch cooling, 8-way air flow control and stale air exhausts vent. Besides this, there are a couple of other models, that include SS16L30, SM21L30, SM18L30A.


There are two models under Kenmore that are slider/casement specific. Kenmore 6,000 BTU Slider/Casement air conditioner has obviously a cooling capacity of 6,000 BTU and an energy efficiency of 9.5. This particular model has EZ-Out� reusable air filters.

The other Kenmore model is the Kenmore 11,500 Slider/Casement air conditioner, which has more cooling capacity.

In both the models common features include electronic and remote controls, display and a thermostat. The timer includes the function delay, 12 hours, on/off. For the second model the timer also includes auto sleep mode as well.

The advantage of buying any one of the air conditioning units from Kenmore is the ease with which you can purchase and install these slider air conditioners.


GE is a world leader where room air conditioners are concerned and it offers quite a few models under the slider air conditioner category. The model no ASD06LK is an ENERGY STAR� slider air conditioner. It has a cooling capacity of BTU 115 volt and comes equipped with electronic thermostat, 3 cooling fan, 3 fans only speed selections, energy saver and EZ mount installation.


Haier is known world over for offering a niche product line of household appliances products, among which air conditioners forms an important part.

Haier is known world over for offering a niche product line of household goods and appliances, among which air conditioners forms an integral part. Under the category �Through the Wall Air conditioners� there are quite a few models of slider air conditioners.

The model no HWV10XC5 is a slider air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 10,000 with 3 cool and 2 fan settings, a thermostat with 10 positions and an easy to install mounting kit.

Another model under this series is Haier HWV08XC5, which again is a slider air conditioner with 8,000 as BTU capacity, an energy efficiency ratio of 9:5 and an easy to install mounting kit.

Under the series HWVR, there are two models of casement/slider air conditioners. One is model no. HWVR10XC6, which has a top discharge airflow pattern, 3 cool and 2 fan settings, a washable filter and an easy to install mounting kit.

The other one is HWVR08XC6, it has a 8,000 BTU and a EER of 9.5 and comes equipped with an access filter, 3 cooling and 2 fan settings, easy-to-install mounting kit and a thermostat with 10 positions.


LG, an organization committed to introducing an innovative range of home appliances offers quite a few models under slider air conditioners. With 10,000 as BTU, four-way air direction, 3 cooling and fan speeds, electric and digital controls, LGWHD1000CR, 10,000 BTU slider casement air conditioner will offer utmost comfort and convenience as a home air conditioner. LC8000 is a slider/casement air conditioner with a BTU of 8,000, 4-way air direction, wide air discharge and an energy efficiency range of 9:5.

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