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The Advantages of Using Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Solar powered air conditioners are a thing of the future. Energy is one huge chunk of natural inexhaustible power now being applied for numerous purposes. One of the best examples of solar energy is with the use of air conditioners, a traditional yet cost effective system that everyone longs for. Solar power for air conditioners can be harnessed through several methods but the most effective to date has been the one using panels or photovoltaic or solar. These panels are clean, they operate in quiet, and are almost carefree and maintenance free.

Another approach also involving panels is called Photovoltaic Solar Cooling with an evaporative cooler. As a properly designed evaporative cooler uses very low amounts of energy it could be powered completely by the sun using a photovoltaic array or solar cells. This includes various different ways but to capture most of the solar energy, parted solar cells are placed on the roof top of a building post which the electric energy from the cells is provided to the cooler. This can however be hard during the nights, but then the power can always be supplied though batteries or mains power. Using this technique has its own advantages such as you can save 100% of the energy used by conventional air conditioning, while also an inexpensive solar assisted air conditioner could save 90% of energy used by the conventional one.

Solar power can also be harnessed to operate a conventional air conditioner. Here also a solar photovoltaic array or solar cells are connected to a conventional air conditioner. As a conventional air conditioner requires a lot of electricity to run, most of the conventional air conditioners are only solar ‘assist’ air conditioners. Generally solar power could only supply around 10 to 20% of the power used, however with an efficient approach it could be 30% less than the energy used to run a conventional air conditioner. Although hard to operate, this method is applicable in almost all climates, but do remember that solar cells are pretty expensive to provide a 100% solar powered system.

One of the main advantages of solar powered air conditioners is that they are almost free of running costs use no harmful chemicals. All that is required is direct and naturally solar energy. However, there is a substantial initial cost of installing a solar air conditioner. But this cost is nothing considering the amount of money you would save on all the operating charges, repairs, etc.

Solar powered air conditioners much like the traditional ones are perfectly capable of keeping a home cool and comfortable. It has all the functions as a traditional air conditioner and is completely independent of traditional energy resources. Thus, in countries like Japan or India, where power costs are considerably high, such solar powered air conditioners could be of tremendous help as an option to save energy and reduce electricity costs. Although independent of traditional energy sources, solar powered air conditioners are not undependable.

Other methods of harnessing solar energy for cooling purposes includes, solar absorption or absorption cooling, solar AC using desiccants, solar thermal induced ventilation, and house taming.

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