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Soleus LX-100 Evaporative Air Conditioner

General Overview

Soleus LX-100 Evaporative Air Conditioner can be described as an extremely powerful air conditioner in the market. As the name suggests, this unit, i.e. Soleus evaporative A/C happens to feature an �evaporative dehumidifier�; which eliminates requirement of emptying water bucket.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Cooling Operating Range: 60.8 to 108 degree F

  • Heating Operating Range: 23 to 89.6 degree F.

  • Cooling Capacity: 10000 BTU/hr

  • Fan Speeds (Cooling): 3

  • Cooling Watts: 980

  • Heating Watts: 1350

  • Voltage: 115

  • Cooling Ampacity: 12

  • Heating Ampacity: 9

  • Dimensions: 17.75 (W) X 19.25 (D) X 32.5 (H) inches

    Special Features

  • Filter: reusable

  • With dehumidifier functionality

  • AC Type: Portable

  • With Remote Control

  • Auto restart mode


    Soleus LX-100 Evaporative Air Conditioner has been provided with warranty of 1 year. It states that within a year of purchase of this Soleus AC, one can get it replaced or repaired; that too, absolutely �free-of-cost�. But, the consumer needs to contact company technician for this purpose; or else, the service would become a paid one.

    It needs to be noted that company would, by no means, bear the responsibility of losses incurred to the consumer due to defect in Soleus air conditioners.


  • Quiet Operation

  • Easy assembling

  • Simple operation


  • Heavy

  • Bulky

  • Costly

    Overall review

    Soleus LX-100 Evaporative Air Conditioner features an exclusive �dual motor� design and dual hose; so that efficient cooling can be ensured of. Such a multi-function unit happens to feature three speed fan, electric �heating� element, and unique �evaporative technology� from Soleus; which makes use of collected moisture for cooling this unit prior to letting it escape via exhaust ducts.

    Apart from highly influential cooling power, Soleus evaporative AC comprises of an evaporative dehumidifier. This thing eliminates requirement of having the water bucket emptied. A completely adjustable thermostat, along with programmable timer, power Soleus air conditioner off and on as per user settings.

    �Loss of power protection� and �built-in memory� let user settings for being saved after unit getting programmed. Every setting and control is on an easy-to-read, brilliant, multi-color display. There is also an inclusion of �single hose ventilation kit�.

    Care should be taken to vent this Soleus air conditioner when in dehumidifier and air conditioner mode. The basic advantage of this evaporative air conditioner is that it is portable. Hence, one can infer that the unit can be installed at any place as per choice of user.

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