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Soleus PE2-07R-62 Evaporative Air Conditioner

General Overview

Soleus PE2-07R-62 Evaporative Air Conditioner can be described as a compact, as well as powerful evaporative �air conditioner� which provides quiet and efficient cooling; along with various humidifiers; so that one�s environment can be made more comfortable. As such, all Soleus air conditioners operate on novel technology adopted by Soleus.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Cooling Operating range: from 18 degree F

  • Air Flow: 285 CFM

  • Cooling Capacity: 7000 BTU/hr

  • Cooling Watts: 910

  • Voltage: 115 V

  • Cooling Ampacity: 8.4

  • Dimensions: 12.98 (W) X 22.17 (D) X 27.78 (H) inches

    Special Features

  • AC Type: Portable

  • With dehumidifier functionality

  • With remote control

  • Long life-span

  • Occupies less space


    This air conditioner has been provided with warranty of 1 year. It states that within a year of purchase of Soleus evaporative A/C, one can get it replaced or repaired; that too, absolutely free-of-cost. However, one needs to consult company technician for this purpose.

    If any outsider is contacted for this air conditioning device, he would have to shell out some amount. This would result in paid service then. The company would not bear the losses incurred by customer on the account of defects in this Soleus air conditioner.


  • Quiet Operation

  • Compact

  • Simple operation


  • Costly

  • Cannot be mounted on wall

  • Heavy

    Overall Review

    One can get the feeling of being in an environmentally-friendly atmosphere after bringing Soleus PE2-07R-62 Evaporative Air Conditioner home. Evaporative technology used by Soleus permits unit to get collected moisture recycled; so that one need not empty water bucket. As such, assembling this air conditioning device is very simple.

    Even the one not all that tech-savvy can assemble the given air conditioner. This Soleus air conditioner has everything which one can ask for. Its quiet operation would prove to be a boon to those who cannot tolerate loud voice. Also, loud voice becomes noise after some time. To avoid this noise, air conditioner would prove to be one of the best options.

    During the assemblance of the Soleus air conditioner, company technician would kindly explain everything about the product. The way of explanation is much better in comparison with instruction manual.

    Soleus PE2-07R-62 Evaporative A/C has been made such that negligible maintenance is required. One need not look at this product for a long time, after having assembled it once. This air conditioning system is safe from the point of view of kids as well, as shock absorbers are provided.

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