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Soleus SPTAC-09H Terminal Air Conditioner

General Overview

Soleus SPTAC-09H Terminal Air Conditioner can be described as a horizontal in-wall air conditioning unit specially designed for replacement or novel construction/renovation for in-wall installations which exist at present. Many original, wall-opening dimensions seem to be critical.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • Air Flow: 330 CFM

  • Energy Efficiency rating: 10.8 EER

  • Cooling Watts: 880

  • Heating Watts: 810

  • Weight: 109.5 lbs

  • Dehumidification: 21.6 pints/day

  • Amos: Cooling: 3.83 A; Heating: 3.52 A

  • Power Supply: 208 to 230 V (60 Hz)

  • Product Size: 42 (W) X 22 (D) X 16 (H) inches

    Special Features

  • AC Type: Window/Thru-Wall

  • Long life-span

  • Powerful output

  • Compact Design


    Has been provided with a warranty of 1 year. It states that within a year of date of purchase, one can get this Soleus air conditioner replaced or repaired; that too, absolutely free-of-cost. However, this service can be availed of only if company technician is contacted. An outsider would not perform the task without charging anything. It must be noted that company would not bear the losses incurred by customer on the account of defects of this Soleus air conditioner.


  • Easy installation

  • Quiet Operation

  • User need not be technically sound


  • Heavy

  • Bulky

  • Costly

    Overall Review

    Soleus SPTAC-09H Terminal Air Conditioner has been designed to change the decorum of the home by the way of replacing itself with the age-old air conditioning unit.

    Is available in the form of just a �heat pump�; along with �auxiliary� electric heat strip. It�s perfect for motel/hotel, assisted, and existing living facilities and care it can also be used for any type of �suite layout� or apartments.

    This type of Soleus air Conditioner is such an air conditioner which is fully hidden in the enclosure. In turn, sound levels get dramatically reduced. Architectural �condenser louver kit� has been supplied with every Soleus air conditioner.

    Highly stylish, white-colored styrene �plastic� indoor body happens to add to aesthetically eye-pleasing, interior �room appearance�. There is also an inclusion of �plug-in� wired wall-mount, remote, electronic �thermostat control�; apart from �wireless� remote controller.

    Condensate removal system of this Soleus air conditioner is unique in itself. Such unit goes on to incorporate slinger ring to acquire �positive� condensate �re-evaporation�. This property eliminates concern over �building damage� that can be caused by leakage or drainage of condensate. Plus, requirement for central drain does not arise.

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