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Stand Alone Air Conditioners

Ideal for Moving Room To Room

Stand Alone Air Conditioners are basically all those air conditioners, which function as self contained units and are typically used to cool a single room. These include window cooling units and portable units. They are different from Central Air Conditioners as they do not have an outdoor compressor connected to indoor evaporator coils.


  • These are ideal for cooling specific rooms and are cheaper in the long run if only particular areas and not the entire house have to be cooled as individual units can be switched on and off as per the requirement. This makes them ideal for hotels and large offices where all rooms and areas may or may not be occupied at the same time.

  • As these units are self contained, in case of breakdown or maintenance only one particular unit is affected and the rest continue to function. Infants and old people can be shifted from the room where the air conditioner is not working to some other part of the house.


  • In case the entire house needs to be cooled, these work out to be more expensive and take up more space as compared to central air conditioners.

There are numerous companies providing Stand Alone Air Conditioners. Almost all companies provide some or the other stand alone air conditioner ranging from Portable machines and window mounted machines to wall mounted and ceiling concealed machines. Some of them are as follows:

1. Haier Air Conditioner � This is one of the leading companies in the world providing exceptional stand alone air conditioners. Some of the models available are ESAD4066 and ESAD4089 from the Eco Conditioner Series, HWR05XC7, HWR06XC9, HWR08XC9, HWR10XC6, HWR12XC8, HWR18VC7, HWR24VC5 and HWR30VC6 from the Electronic Control Series and HTWR10VC9, HTWR12XC6, HTWR12VC6 AND HTTWS from the Through the Wall Series.

2. Delonghi Air Conditioner � A wide range of air conditioners are also available from this organization including Pinguino PACC100, Delonghi PAC260 Pinguino, Delonghi PAC700T Pinguino, Delonghi PACW130E, Pinguino 10,000 BTU Model PACL90, Delonghi PAC400 Pinguino, Delonghi PAC T110P Portable Air Conditioner, Delonghi PAC C120 Portable Air Conditioner and Delonghi PAC A120E Portable Air Conditioner.

3. Bryant Air Conditioner � This company is known for its unmatched quality and reliability and includes models 180A and 187A from Evolution Series Central Air Conditioners, models 165A and 163A from the Preferred Series Central Air Conditioners, model 538A from the Preferred Series Side-Discharge Horizontal Air Conditioners and models 124A, 123A and 123R from Legacy Series Central Air Conditioner.

4. Mitsubishi Air Conditioners � This organization is known the world over for providing unmatched after sales service and customer support and offers a number of options like:

  • Wall Mounted Air Conditioners � The options available are MSZ-F Series, MSZ-G Series and MSZ-H Series.

  • Compact Ceiling Concealed Air Conditioners � The SEZ Series is included.

  • Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioners � The PCA-KA Series is included.

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