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Sunbeam SCA083RWC1 Air Conditioner

by Jill

I purchased the sunbeam air conditioner last summer when my air conditioner broke and couldn�t be repaired. I decided to purchase a new one to replace the old one and when I went shopping I saw this model of air conditioners which was comparatively cheaper and has all the features of a modern window air conditioner hence I decided to purchase the unit and paid the shop owner $150 which was the final agreed price after discount.

The unit was delivered the same day and the technicians from the sunbeam service center arrived the very next day to install. The installation process went just fine and the services were really very professional that I had no problem at all dealing with them. It has been six months since its purchase and we are very satisfied with its functioning. The sunbeam air conditioner has been providing uninterrupted cooling solution without any maintenance until now.

The air conditioner has a capacity of cooling very energy efficiently rooms less than 350 square feet. It is very ideal and cost effective to cool bedrooms and small living rooms. The multi directional air flow feature that comes with this model of air conditioner ensures even cooling solution through out the room. The air conditioner has also got a dehumidifying feature, which is very ideal for us since the kind of weather we experience here is dry most of the time and with our new sunbeam air conditioner we never feel sick when getting up in the morning as the humidification process provides us fresh and comfortable air flow.

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