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Sunpentown WA-1205E Portable Air Conditioner

Sunpentown WA-1205E Portable Air Conditioner belongs to the Supentown �Go Green� series. This model is environment-friendly, hence does not affect the ozone layer and add to global warming. It is light in weight, portable and offers cool indoor comforts. This product will surely enhance the beauty of your home as it has been designed stylishly and is compact.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

    As per the manufacturer, Sunpentown WA-1250E portable AC has the following specifications, adhering to the various industrial norms.

  • The dimensions of the product (in inches) are 19 (width) x 15.75(depth) x 33 (height). It weighs a total of 77 Lbs.

  • The cooling power is 12,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) per hour. The refrigerant used is R22.

  • A unique feature of the unit is the built-in water pump that is 10 feet in length and pumps out condensed water.

  • It can cool an area up to 400 square feet. Best for residential use and small offices. It has been loaded with large roll casters for faster mobility. The handles are easy-grip.? 65litres/day or 5.7 pints/hour is the moisture removal rate of the product. The independent dehumidifier helps to chuck out moisture from the room.

  • This model has three different fan speeds for high, low and moderate cooling.

  • Digital temperate displays and a LCD remote control give it a touch of modernity.

  • 9.23 is the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of the product. It is quite high as compared to other portable air conditioners, implying less energy is being consumed for its operation. The start-up current is 55.4 Ampere and the power supply needed is 60 Hz.

  • After a power cut-off, the air conditioner will automatically restart.

  • The timer range is from one hour to 24 hours.


Sunpentown WA-1205E Portable air conditioner has been warranted for one year. The warranty is on the sealed package as well as all the parts. Within the warranted time, all defects arising in the model and make of the unit will be refurbished or replaced, at the discretion of the manufacturer. Supentown makes sure that all its products are superior in quality and performance; it takes great care and precaution in assembling the unit.


Energy Efficiency: The EER of the product being 9.23, it utilizes less energy and power while in operation. This will lower the consumer�s energy costs.

Washable Filter: The filter is washable and should ideally be cleaned once a week. The capacity of the attached water tank is three litres.

Long Lasting: The manufacturers have been known for their durable and reliable products. WA-1205E is no different.

Quiet Comfort and Easy Design: It is silent in operation, hence creates no disturbance. It is also a user friendly model as it has been provided with roll casters for easy mobility and an easy grip handle.

Environment Friendly: The refrigerant used in R22. R22 does not participate in depleting the ozone layer. The unit is of the �go green� series. Environment-friendly to the highest degree.

Sunpentown WA-1205E portable air conditioner is a one-time investment. The manufactures have assured a long service life. It is hassle-free, compact and efficient.

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