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Sunpentown WA-1300E Portable Air Conditioner

Sunpentown WA-1300E Portable Air Conditioner is a product of Sunpentown which is perfect for large rooms up to 420 square feet. This product is one of its kinds that are made to make life easy and comfortable. This air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier by removing 9.8 pints of moisture per day. This ac unit has the capacity to cool 13,000 Btu (British Thermal Units) in an hour. It features a foam type Window kit material, the maximum length of which is 48 inches. This ac unit also comes with Directional air discharge louvers and also has new UL required LCDI plug, which is something new.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

The specifications of this portable AC are as follows.

  • The model of AC has a R22 Refrigerant type.

  • The energy efficiency ratio of this air conditioner is 12.14.

  • The Operating temperature for cooling is between 64.4 to 110�F.

  • It supplies 115 V/ 60Hz/ 1 Phase of power required for Standard Household environment.

  • The dimension of this AC is (L x W x H) is 20 x 14 x 30.25 inches

  • This air conditioner consumes 1071W / 9.4A of power for performing cooling operation.

  • The maximum length of the Exhaust pipe is 5 feet and its diameter is 5 inches.

  • This air conditioner weighs 86 lbs.

  • It is a compressor rotary type air conditioner


Sunpentown has built in a strong customer-oriented culture in the market. Sunpentown WA-1300E Portable Air Conditioner is one of the best models available in the market. The manufacturer assures that the goods are free from any defects but in case of any defects the warranty policy helps you heave a sigh of relief. The model comes with a limited warranty of one year.


The Sunpentown WA-1300E Portable Air Conditioner has the following key benefits that make it different from other air conditioners.

Auto re-starts: This air conditioner starts automatically after a power failure.

Remote Control: The air conditioner unit can comfortably be operated through the remote control according to the user's wish. It has the 24-hour on/off timer.

Self evaporating system: The water that is extracted during the cooling process from the air is used to cool the cooling coils that make the air conditioner run more powerful.

Continuous Drainage: The air conditioner has built-in water tank or extended water tube for continuous drainage.

Digital temperature display: The Digital temperature display helps to monitor the temperature variation easily.

Three fan speeds: It has three level speed of fan through which it helps one to select the strength of the breeze.

Dual washable air filter: The dual washable air filter keeps the air clean by trapping the dust particles.

Fire proof: It has a Fire resistant PVC plastic housing. This is a unique feature in this air conditioner.

Portable air conditioner: The easy-grip handle and large casters makes it a portable air conditioner.

Feel something new in the air by using Sunpentown WA-1300E Portable Air Conditioner. It ensures a healthy and comfortable environment by reducing bacteria, room odours, and other airborne particles. This air conditioner is of a high standard. This is the only product where reliability matters. Buy it and feel the change.

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