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Sunpentown WA-1310E Portable Air Conditioner

Sunpentown WA-1310E Portable Air Conditioner is a product of Sunpentown International Inc., a company known for manufacturing eco friendly products. Weighing only 86 Lbs, it belongs to the portable range of air conditioners manufactured by Sunpentown and can effectively and efficiently cool an area up to 420 sq ft.

This air conditioner, which lives up to the reputation of its manufacturer, is energy efficient and equipped with environmentally friendly parts and features. This model will surely afford you the comforts of cool and clean air and at the same time help you 'go green'.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • This portable model has a comfortable cooling capacity of 13,000 btu per hour

  • It has a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.14

  • It uses rotary compressor type. Noise produced during operation is only 56 dBA

  • Power requirement of the air conditioner while cooling is modest at 1071 W

  • It removes moisture at the rate of 46.4 liters/day

  • The model features R22 Refrigerant, which is regarded as highly efficient

  • It has three fan speeds

  • Net weight of this portable model is 86 Lbs

  • Its dimensions are 20 x 14 x 30.25 in.

  • It comes with a full featured remote control


    Sunpentown WA-1310E Portable Air Conditioner is an example of careful workmanship. This has made it a reliable air conditioner. However, in order to win the confidence of the customers, the manufacturer offers warranty on this product for a period of one year. In case of any defect, Sunpentown undertakes to carry out repair or replacement, as the case may be, free of cost within the warranty period. Warranty can not be extended beyond the period of one year from the date of purchase.


    UV Lighting: Sunpentown WA-1310E Portable Air Conditioner keeps the indoor air clean and healthy by using UV Germicidal lighting. This technology destroys the bacteria, molds viruses and yeasts by using the short wavelength of UV light. This technology is now being used in increasing number of appliances to keep the ambiance healthy.

    Portable: Weighing only 86 Lbs, this model is quite portable. Portability and mobility of this model is aided by large casters and easy grip handle.

    Self Evaporating Technology: This technology extracts water from the air during cooling operation. This recycled water is used to cool the coils to help the unit run efficiently. It also contributes in saving energy.

    Restart IC: This benefit comes handy during power failure. It restarts the unit after power is retored in its previous settings.

    Digital Control: The model comes with convenient digital controls. These include digital thermostat control, programmable timer, digital temperature display and so on.

    Clean and Healthy Air: It has dual activated carbon filter to remove odor. Further, the washable air filter collects dust particles.

    Safety: PVC plastic hosing used in the AC is fire resistant, adding to the security of the equipment and the dwelling.

    Sunpentown WA-1310E Portable Air Conditioner is a clean and green way to cool your home. This portable model will leave you with all admiration with its economical operation and high efficiency.

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