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Sunpentown WA-1410E Portable Air Conditioner

Sunpentown WA-1410E Portable Air Conditioner is an excellent portable solution to your air conditioning needs. It has an awesome cooling capacity of 14,000 btu per hour. The model is energy efficient and eco friendly, something the manufacturer - Sunpentown International Inc is well known for.

There is a very high demand of these units in the market, because of the perfection in configuration. This model comes equipped with dual motors. This unit has been considered as one of the the most powerful units in the market and can cool an room area as large as 450 sq ft.

Manufacturer's Specifications

  • Sunpentown WA-1410E Portable Air Conditioner has a good cooling capacity of 14,000btu/hr.

  • Its Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 11.2

  • There are three fan speeds.

  • The model features LCDI plug (Leakage Current Detection and Interruption)

  • The fire resistant PVC plastic housing provides safety to the appliance and home

  • Bad odor which creates unpleasant ambiance is removed by dual activated carbon filter.

  • The unwanted dust and filth are filtered off by the dual washable air filter.

  • A preset timer is provided for the convinience of the users

  • It has directional air discharge louvers

  • The exhaust hose is extendable up to five feet.

  • It come with a remote control that makes the operation of the unit easier

  • A built in water tank or extended water tube provides for continuous drainage .


Sunpentown WA-1410E Portable Air Conditioner is covered under the warranty scheme of the manufacturer. Under the scheme, the product is warranted to the original purchaser for a period of one year. This warranty greatly enhances the customer confidence on this air conditioner.


Self Evaporating Technology: This system works in an amazing way as far as efficiency is concerned. During the operation, the unit draws moistures from air to recycle it for cooling coils, thus saving a lot of energy. The air conditioner works efficiently by taking minimum consumption and giving maximum productivity.

New Technology: The company has made use of latest technology to provide best experience to the users. Besides self evaporating technology, the air conditioner also includes features like Restart IC, digital thermostat control and intuitive remote control.

Restart IC: This function is useful during the time of power failure. It restarts the air conditioner when the power resumes.

User friendly Interface: It is easy to operate this AC. There is digital temperature display on the unit which eases the functioning of the system. The digital thermostat control is of tremendous help to keep track of its functioning. The customers are also provided the choice of programmable timer or continuous operation according to their choice and preference.

Dehumidification: The unit has the ability to remove moisture for personal comfort and convenience of the customers which gets the first and foremost preference over the other factors.

Mobility: The grip handle ensures comfort and large casters vouch for ease in mobility.

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