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Trane Air Conditioners is dedicated to creating air conditioning solutions that offer cool, comfortable and cleaner air.

Founded by Reuben Trane in 1931, the hallmark of the organization has always been based on providing durable and reliable air conditioners designed to last for many years to come.

Ultra Efficiency

XL20i: This premium air conditioner is considered one of the best in the industry that boasts a host of special features including the patented Comfort-R� that boosts airflow and allows you to control the humidity level. Cleaner and healthier air is also made possible through the specially designed Trane CleanEffects� that offers an effective and advanced air filtration system. Another unique feature that sets it apart from most of its contemporaries is the ComfortLink II Communicating Capability which has the ability to connect all the components so that the system automatically detects, adjusts and functions thereby optimizing performance and efficiency.

XL19i: Offering top of the line comfort and luxury is this XL19i air conditioner that promises to provide cool and hygienically clean air through its advanced air filtration system. With an energy efficiency ratio available up to 19.50 SEER, it doesn�t come as a surprise that this particular model offers among the highest energy efficiency rating.

XL16i: With a high-energy efficiency rating of up to 17.5, this is undoubtedly one of the best options for residential air conditioner. Other aspect that makes it highly suitable is its economic viability that ensures you don�t have to worry about emptying your wallet to pay the energy bills. It also offers two-stage cooling to accommodate and adapt to different outdoor climate changes and interior temperature changes.

Super Efficiency

XL15i: If you are looking for a air conditioner that offers superior performance but is also economical in every sense, then you need not look beyond this model. It offers a high efficiency rating of up to 16.0 SEER and combines increased efficiency and quiet cooling with economical operation.

XL14i: Trane Air Conditioners are apt at providing a perfect combination of innovative technology that is efficient, powerful and is economically viable. This particular model is no different, since it is known for its enhanced airflow, durable and resilient built and high-energy efficiency rating of up to 15.50.

High Efficiency Trane Air Conditioners

XR15: This single-stage air conditioner with a high-energy efficiency rating of up to 17.0 makes this a perfect option for residential requirements. The increased efficiency will definitely benefit you and help in reducing your energy bills while the high level of durability will ensure you air conditioner enjoys a longer life period.

XR14: With all the components passing through high-level quality checks, it isn�t surprising this model is known for its long lasting durability and superior performance. It features an advanced filtration system that removes dust, pollens etc.

XR13: This model packs a punch with its innovative technology and extreme-weather tested durability. Furthermore, the high energy efficiency of up to 14 SEER ensures you are saved from paying huge energy bills.

Standard Efficiency Trane Air Conditioners

XB14: You will definitely not regret investing in this particular model of Trane air conditioner that promises high reliability, superior performance and is energy efficient too. Your overall cooling cost will be considerably lower with this air conditioner that offers a high SEER rating of up to 16.

XB13: Enjoy the cool comfort of your home for years to come and without worrying about your energy bills with XB13. This cost-effective and efficient air conditioner offers a high efficiency rating of up to 13.25 and it also features an advanced air filtration system.

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