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Trane XL16i Ultra Efficiency

by Fran
(Laguna Niguel, CA)

Trane XL16i Ultra efficiency air conditioners are really very efficient and provide me and my family enhanced cooling solution with high energy efficiency. The high energy efficiency feature of the Trane XL16i has reduced the cooling cost substantially and now we are not at all reluctant to turn on our air conditioning unit whenever we feel like as we had been with our older version of ac which consumed a lot of energy and was really very expensive when considering the operating cost.

All the parts and materials used in this unit are of high quality and hence ensure more durability. The Trane XL16i technology of advanced filter provides us improved air quality as it can remove pollens, dust and other impurities causing allergy. The unit that we own is of two ton capacity which is sufficient to meet our cooling requirements satisfactorily. This ozone friendly air conditioner provides me and my family the optimum level of cooling with improved air quality.

The warranty period of the compressor is more than any other air conditioner and the company provides 10 years of warranty which confirms its durability. The unit can also be used for heating but I have never tried its heating function yet. The cooling and improved air quality has provided us the most comfortable level temperature and air quality that is healthier and safe for us. There are sound insulators on the compressor which helps the unit function making very little noise. We never feel that an air conditioner is actually functioning as the Trane XL16i is quite while functioning and never disturb us while we are asleep.

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