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Trane XR15 High Efficiency

by Jack
(Corona, CA)

I have recently installed the Trane XR15 high efficiency 1.5 ton air conditioner in my home and have found it very reliable and energy efficient. It is a split system air conditioning type unit that provides the most optimum energy efficient cooling solution that satisfactorily fulfills our cooling needs. The seer rating of the air conditioner is up to 17 which is really high and has helped us save a lot on our energy bills.

The day when the ac cooling unit was installed it was steaming hot and when the technician tested the air conditioner the room was cooled within two or three minutes which is really fast. I was really impressed by its functioning from day one and continue feeling the same. Since the installation of this Trane air conditioner I could really feel the difference in the air quality and the improvement air quality has really made our life more comfortable and healthier, the air conditioner not only provides optimum cooling solution but also helps in improving the air quality by removing various impurities and allergens like pollen, dust and irritants which is an added advantage in an air conditioner unit.

My two year old daughter has got breathing problems and she is allergic to dust, with the this unit installed she is now more comfortable and doesn�t catch colds as easily. The unit functions almost every night and for a few hours during the day, since the unit is very energy efficient and is energy star certified it consumes very little energy hence my electricity bill has not increased too much.

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