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Wall Air Conditioners

Today�s wall air conditioners are nothing like the noisy and obtrusive wall units of the past. You may remember seeing homes with unattractive plywood surrounding wall units 20 years ago but today�s units are easy to install and can actually add to the value of your home.

Wall air conditioners can heat and cool your home. They can be operated by remote control. You will not have any problem maintaining them and they are very energy efficient.

As the name suggests, a wall air conditioner is installed through the wall of your home. The unit will be placed near the ceiling to take advantage of the fact that cool, heavy air sinks. When the ductless air conditioner is running it will force refreshing and cool air to your living areas. During cooler months the air cooler becomes a heater and you can easily direct the flow of the heat with the unit�s directional controls.

Each wall air conditioner is installed in a thermoplastic sleeve that seals the area around the unit. This sleeve protects the unit and prevents air from seeping into or out of your home. The sleeve will give the unit a good fit and eliminate any drafts.

The Amana 8,000 BTU TTW is equipped with an adaptable sleeve that works with a compact chassis to fit all sizes of wall openings. This unit is very quiet, an added plus for any wall ac. It has a contemporary design with digital controls and is energy star rated.

To determine the size of wall air conditioner that is right for your home you should first measure your room. Wall units are rated for room size. For example, a 350 square foot room would need a wall air conditioner that was rated at 8000. As a note, if the room is not insulated homeowners are urged to go up one size when purchasing wall air conditioners.

Wall air conditioner units come with efficiency ratings. These ratings are extremely important to the consumer. Efficiency ratings range from 1 to 10 with a rating of 10 being the most energy efficient. As the efficiency rating rises your savings go up because of the improved performance of the unit. A wall air conditioner with an efficiency rating of 10 will not only run the best, it will give you the highest overall savings.

Once your wall unit has been installed it is very easy to care for. The only maintenance required is a yearly filter change. This will not only keep the unit functioning at an optimal level, it will also keep the air in your home much cleaner. Proper upkeep of your wall air conditioner will extend the life of the unit.

And remember, today�s wall air conditioners will add value to your home. A wall unit is considered permanent construction and as such can be listed under any improvements you have made to the structure. Potential buyers will see a properly installed wall air conditioning unit as a major plus when looking for a new home.

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