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Wall Mounted Air Conditioners - A Convenient Cooling Option For Many

Wall Mounted Ac's are a great choice if you are in the market and are thinking of buying yourself one for the long summer months, this type air conditioner may be just what you are looking for. You have probably seen one at your friend�s or relative�s house and probably wondered what is the difference between this type and a regular air conditioner?

Well, wall mounted air conditioners are known today as among the best options for cooling. These units come in several different types but the most common one is the same as a window air conditioner, only that it is mounted on the wall. And the special thing about such a unit is that it does not require a particular type of space for installation or having to hide it in the attics. They just fit along the sides of a wall perfectly and provide utmost cooling and comfort. This can also prove as a major factor while choosing an air conditioner and they are convenient to install and benefit those living in very cold areas as they don�t need to be displaced or shifted to another place, compared to a window unit.

One important thing to consider while installing such an air conditioner is that the exterior of the wall on which you intend to mount the air conditioner is obstruction free as the outdoor unit consists of the compressor that is fixed to a fan units mounted on the house. It is also necessary to make sure that no pipes or electric wires run through the wall. Installing this type of air conditiong unit might become a little complicated at times because it is rather inconvenient to drill holes through a brick or concrete wall. This however is necessary and needs to be done only once. Such units are called ductless systems or mini-split systems

There are several types of wall mounted air conditioners available on the market, one of the popular one being the PTAC or Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, which is commonly seen in public places to provide uniform cool and comfort throughout.

Wall mounted air conditioners have their own set of advantages like they are equipped with something known as a superior inverter mechanism which enables the ac to operate silently without using more power. Also, they are pretty much self operated and can take care of temperature changes easily on their own without compromising their performance. They feature one of the excellent filters which help circulate the air, providing you with only clean and pure air by capturing the dust and pollen through static electricity. They also come with a remote control facility which allows you to control the temperature and also the on/off mechanism without having to reach up to the air conditioner whenever you need a change in temperature.

One of the most common advantages of these air conditioners is that it uses a split system that reduces the noise from the condenser unit significantly as the unit itself is placed on the exterior. Also, these type of units are more energy efficient in operation compared to standard room air conditioners.

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