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Whirlpool W2GC3 13 Seer Air Conditioner

by Sherry

It was really confusing for me to decide what brand and model of air conditioner I should purchase for fulfilling my air conditioning requirements. To me all the brand and models where the same and when I went to a dealer to purchase an air conditioner my state of confusion increased and it was hard to make a decision since there where a lot of models and brands on display and the pricing was almost same between the models of similar range and specification. Not sure on what brand to choose I asked the dealer to suggest any one brand and he referred the Whirlpool W2GC3 13 seer air conditioner considering my requirements and said that the service center is located near by and that their services are very good and prompt.

I agreed to the dealer�s suggestion and purchased the suggested model. The air conditioner works perfectly and I am very satisfied with the air conditioning units functioning. I have been using this model of ac`s for about a month and have experienced no problem at all and the unit have functioned smoothly until now which I consider is a positive aspect of the air conditioner. It not only functions very efficiently providing the optimum and comfortable cooling solution but most importantly functions in the most energy efficient manner.

If I am asked to rate the model I would doubtlessly provide full ratings in terms of cooling, energy efficiency, reliability, design and performance. A perfect air conditioner for household cooling requirements and is strongly recommended by me.

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