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Windchaser PAC9 Portable Air Conditioner

With Sleep Function

Windchaser PAC9 Portable Air Conditioner is the latest product from the Windchaser stable, famous for efficient cooling with a style. The two-motor design, adjustable thermostat units, a dehumidifier, the sleep function and the accessories make it the perfect air conditioner for any situation, requirement and user. The twin motors are used for different purposes to ensure that performance is delivered. The adjustable thermostat units keep the temperature in the range specified and the dehumidifier takes care of the removal of moisture. The sleep function is useful for saving energy and the accessories form the handiest parts of the air conditioner.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • The air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 9000 BTUs per hour.

  • It has an adjustable thermostat controlling the temperature according to the needs of the user.

  • A dehumidifier which can remove moisture at the rate of 3.4 pints per hour keeps the humidity in check.

  • The air conditioner has an insulated fan which reduces the sound generated in the range of less than 45 decibels.

  • The machine has an operating temperature of 61F � 90F.

  • It is made eco-friendly with a sleep function which saves energy.

  • The air conditioner has dimensions of 18 inches (width) by 30.7 inches (height) by 12.6 inches (depth).

  • The entire set up weighs a minimal 76 pounds.


Windchaser has a clean record when it comes to the occurrence of manufacturing defects in the conditioner. The company, however, provides a 5 year warranty on the compressor and a 1 year warranty on other parts of the air conditioner for unforeseen malfunctions.


The Windchaser PAC9 Portable Air Conditioner has quite an edge when it comes to features in comparison to other air conditioners in its category. A few of the advantages are mentioned below.

Portability: The air conditioner is a portable unit and does not require any permanent installation.

Two-Motor Design: The air conditioner has a unique 2 motor design; the first motor delivers cool air whereas the other is the compressor and contributes to noise-reducing features. The two-motor design is the biggest factor responsible for its efficient performance.

Dehumidifier: With a moisture removal capacity of 3.4 pints an hour, the dehumidifying feature is a welcome addition to a machine that lowers the air temperature. Any case of humidity formation is thus taken care of.

Sleep Function: The air conditioner has a sleep function which when activated regulates the temperature all by itself and saves energy thereby. It is a feature generally not found in other air conditioners.

Thermostat: An adjustable thermostat turns the machine on and off to maintain the temperature within a specified range. The thermostat is a 12 hour programmable one which maintains temperature for the next 12 hours.

Comfortable Designing and Accessories: The air conditioner has an ergonomic design with shaped handles and wheels for easy movement and mobility. The air conditioner has an attractive and composite design. The air conditioner also includes accessories for proper running of the air conditioner.

The Windchaser PAC9 Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect combination of looks and performance and indeed fulfills all the requirements of any user.

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