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WindChaser PACR9 Portable Air Conditioner

With A Cooling Capacity of 9000 BTUs Per Hour

WindChaser PACR9 Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect appliance to meet versatile cooling needs. Its exceptional features make it ideal for spot cooling, supplemental cooling and many more. This multi-featured and portable unit has several advantages, which aptly make it the ultimate solution for all your cooling problems.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

Important specs of this ac are listed below.

  • It has amazing cooling capacity of 9000 BTUs per hour.

  • It is energy efficient consuming 900 watts of power at 120 volts at its optimum level.

  • The cooling appliance is a portable unit with durable wheels lending it easy mobility.

  • It cools quite effectively in the range of 61-90 F.

  • This air conditioning unit comes with 12 hours digital timer setting providing high level of automation.

  • This ac model has enviable Energy Efficiency Ratio of 10.0.

  • The cooling device has air flow volume of 188 cubic feet per minute.

  • It is specifically designed with two motors - one delivers cool air and the other cools the compressor and condenser.

  • It has flexible exhaust hose and an adjustable window kit to vent out the warm air.

  • The horizontal cooling air outlet in it prevents the floors from becoming cold.

  • This air conditioning unit has dimensions of 18 inches along the width, 12.6 inches along the depth and 30.8 inches along the height.

  • This portable air conditioner weighs only 76 lbs.


In order to enhance customer satisfaction and confidence, the manufacturer provides one year warranty on parts. Apart from one year warranty on parts, the airconditioner also comes with five years of warranty on the compressor. The astonishing features and the security cover on purchase gives the product an edge over the others.


Some of the key benefits of WindChaser PACR9 Portable Air Conditioner are as follows.

Portability : The air conditioner poses no hassles for installation as it is completely portable and can even be moved with the wheels.

Attractive and Compact : The model is bound to draw eye-balls with its attractive and compact design.

Exceptional Cooling Capacity : It has exceptional cooling power of 9000 BTUs per hour.

High Efficiency : The product has enviable Energy Efficiency Ratio of 10.0 which is easy on the electric bills.

Quiet Operation : The air conditioner performs quietly. It has noise insulated fan and compressor which reduces the sound when it is operating.

Ease of Operation: The air conditioning unit can be entirely operated with fully functional LCD remote control.

Dehumidification: The air conditioner removes moisture at the rate of 3.4 pints per hour, thus doubling up as a dehumidifier.

Certification: The appliance has ISO 9002 certification.

WindChaser PACR9 Portable Air Conditioner boasts of features which no other air conditioners in its category possess. If instant cooling and multiple features are your needs then this product fits your bill perfectly.

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