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York 5T Affinity Series Air Conditioner Review

York 5T Affinity Series Air Conditioner is a residential air conditioning unit which is a finished product of the York line. This particular item ensures high efficiency. It also promises to blend well with the urban furnishings of the consumers. It adds sparkle to the interiors with a huge variety of designer colors that is offered by the manufacturers.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

  • This central air conditioning system functions from a minimum of 13 SEER to a maximum of 15 SEER

  • This product makes sure that operating noise does not cause inconvenience to the consumers. It is four times quieter than the regular air conditioning units.

  • The innovative fan guard has been improvised upon with modern technology and the result is the York 5T Affinity Series Air Conditioner.

  • After much thought, the manufacturers have zeroed in on the seven most impressive colors to complement the home d�cor of the consumers and make sure that the urban trend is maintained.

  • This residential central air conditioning unit is durable. It doesn�t wear out easily. It lasts for a longer period of time, despite all the probable imperfections that machinery may suffer.

  • The powder-painted steel faces natural corrosive forces to keep the underlying material safe.

  • The high efficiency is a guarantee that the manufacturers have showcased brilliance in.


This York Air Conditioner is backed by the best limited warranties. The warranty scheme includes ten years on parts and ten years on compressors. It ensures that the consumers get peace of mind and get uninterrupted services offered by the product. Apart from the above stated schemes, there is a ten year comfort plan on total parts and labor coverage. Also, on purchase of this product with a matching Affinity gas furnace or coil or air handler, there is a Total Package Warranty Program. It is a ten year lifetime parts warranty and a ten year limited compressor warranty which can be made use of by the consumers.


Comfort Alert Compressor Monitor: This gives protection to the residential air conditioning unit. It relieves the users from the nagging thought of when to replace and repair.

Protected Coil: The coil is protected by a polymer mesh screen and coil guard. This helps it last longer.

Quiet Drive System: This makes for quieter operation and energy efficiency. It further reduces the expenses with an isolated compressor compartment and swept-wing fan design.

Impressive Variety: The home design of the urban class is considered when the blueprint of the product is decided. Seven designer colors are offered enhancing the utility of the product.

York 3S Affinity Series Air Conditioner has focused primarily on the needs and requirements of the air conditioning unit. The brand image has been taken care of with the high quality and robust build. A comprehensive warranty tops the list of relevant benefits to make it a hot favorite among cooling appliances.

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