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York TCGF Latitude Series Air Conditioner Review

York TCGF Latitude Series Air Conditioner are manufactured by York company that was founded in 1874 I York, Pennsylvania. Due to its service and efficiency maintained York has been capable to become a leading brand in the industry. The air conditioner is quiet environment friendly as it uses excellent quality of refrigerant and compressor and other parts that is eco-friendly in use. This product of York meets the several standards set by known and trusted organisations such as EnergyStar, Good Housekeeping and NATE. It is not only the quality of products offered but the services offered are unmatched to its counterparts.

Manufacturer�s Specifications

York TCGF Latitude Series Air Conditioner is the most efficient unit in its class when matched with to its counterparts. Its special design brings reliability and performance to its. The manufacturer�s specification include:-

  • Coils used are protected from any damage by a polymer mesh that is applied between the coil face, and a coated steel coil guard.

  • The tonnage of the ac is 1.5 - 5 Tons.

  • An exceptional 13 SEER reassures the user of the savings one is making in terms of electricity costs and environmental impact.

  • The coil is constructed of aluminum micro channel tubing and enhanced aluminum fins for increased efficiency and corrosion protection.


An exclusive warranty scheme adds to the success of any product and York sets an unmatched standard. It offers its users to avail the warranty facility of 10 years. !0 year warranty scheme includes warranty on spare parts included and the compressor used. It also extends to provide warranty scheme up to 10 years of total parts and even labour charges are covered. The warranty scheme does not involve any kind of hidden costs or deductibles. Moreover, the service provided is very fast and can be easily reached anytime. On the whole, a completely different warranty scheme that so far any company has not set on air conditioners.


Quiet: Quieter and much more efficient operation due to the installation of modern compressor technology and a raised fan coil guard

Permanent Lubrication: Permanent lubrication ensures a maintenance-free fan motor in the set-up.

Durable Matte Finish: It sports a durable, matte tan finish which requires less maintenance as it gives the appearance of an appliance.

Lower Cooling Costs: Lower cooling costs are incurred as more coil surface is involved in operation

Coil Protection: Coil protection is placed between grille and condenser

Overall, the proven and tested design of York TCGF Latitude Series Air Conditioner brings reliability and performance to millions of users every day. And the maintenance cost of the parts required is comparatively and is maintenance or servicing can be done easily by a trained person. This product offers ultimate cooling experience without harming nature, as the operations involved are eco-friendly in nature. On the whole, provides an exceptional quality of cooling experience.

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