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York YCJF Affinity Series Air Conditioners

York YCJF Affinity Series Air Conditioners are single stage compressors in the LX Series Air Conditioners. They are known for dependability. These air conditioners have been made with the choices and desires of the consumers in view. The air conditioner has been designed to guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. This enhances the product value for the consumers.

Manufacturer´┐Żs Specifications

  • The product has a cooling efficiency of 14.5 SEER.

  • The York YCJF Affinity Series Air Conditioner has an all-aluminum Micro-channel coil, which provides excellent reliability. In the corrosive coastal regions, this is of great use.

  • It is an improvisation of the raised fan coil guard. The drawbacks of the fan coil guard are overcome with this product with higher efficiency.

  • The modern compressor technology has been chiseled and the product designed to fulfill the requirements of the consumers.

  • This air conditioning unit is quieter which reduces noise pollution. The peaceful atmosphere enhances the service delivered by the air conditioning unit manifold.

  • A fan motor has been permanently embedded in the product system. This fan motor is maintenance free and hence requires least attention from the customers. It can function for a longer time without any need for lubrication.

  • The cabinet design of the product is attractive. The design will brilliantly complement the urban exteriors of the consumers´┐Ż homes.

  • The air conditioning unit is very durable. It will last for a longer period of time. It will not wear out easily.

  • There is a coil protection between the grill and the condenser. This protects the product for durability.


This ac unit is backed by the York product line warranty. It has the best warranty scheme the consumers will ever find. The warranty scheme is ten years on parts and ten years on the compressor. This implies that the product will be replaced according to the above scheme in case of any malfunction during the stipulated period of time. The consumers thus develop a brand faith towards the product. This increases the sense of satisfaction of the consumers.


High Efficiency: This air conditioning appliance is highly efficient. It overcomes the flaws of the rest of the air conditioning units in terms of efficiency.

High Productivity: This product takes less energy to give higher productivity in comparison to other air conditioning units. The consumers can thus use this product for longer durations during the warmer season without hurting their balance sheet.

Attractive Design: The manufacturers have made a wide variety of designs available to consumers. This leaves a choice in the hands of the users who can purchase according to their home exteriors.

Comfort Alert Compressor Monitor: This gives protection to the air conditioning unit. It increases the life of the product.

York YCJF Affinity Series Air Conditioner has focused primarily on the fulfillment of the needs and requirements of the consumers. It aims to promote the value of the product in the minds of the consumers, to make them proud owners of the product.

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