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York Air Conditioners from Johnson Controls have been offering innovative engineering solutions for over 130 years.

York has played a significant role in providing cooling and heating solutions in some of the world�s most famous structures such as the U.S. Capitol Building, India�s Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House.

With such an enriched legacy of offering ingenious solutions worldwide, York has fostered the vision of integrity, honesty, respect, ensuring safety measures and providing practical and innovative products to its customers.

York�s range of air conditioners and heat pumps are encapsulated within the three series � affinity, LX and Latitude

York Air conditioners


The affinity series is one of the first to offer a choice of seven cabinet colors and designs and are designed to meet the requirements of long-term sustainability, durability, energy efficiency and quiet and smooth operation. The series meets the federal government�s requirement of 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate (SEER)

8T � This is a model that delivers up to 18 SEER efficiency rate and features two-stage compressor and QuietDrive� System for quiet functioning and energy efficiency.

3S � This is a 13 SEER efficiency model with Comfort Alert� compressor monitor and durable power-painted steel for resisting the elements.

5T � Promising up to 15 SEER efficiency rate, this premium 5T series is 60% more energy efficient and is available in 2 concealment options.


Dependable, energy efficiency and durability aptly capture the essence of LX series that are available in two models.

YCJD � This has a 13 SEER efficiency rate and features MicroChannel aluminum coil technology that offers more durability, quieter operation and even resists any kind of corrosion.

YCJF � This not only delivers efficiency rate of 14.5 SEER, it is also an ENERGY STAR� qualified central air conditioner. It has a compact design and comes with a permanently lubricated fan motor that reduces maintenance cost and a solid core filter-drier, which protects the compressor.


The Latitude� series from York air conditioners is known for its efficiency, reliability and in constantly delivering a consistent and superior performance over the years.

TCGF � Considered to be one of the most efficient air conditioners, the Latitude� TCGF has an efficiency rating of 14.5 SEER and features permanently lubricated maintenance free fan motor.

TCGD � Known for its compact size and utmost reliability, this 13 SEER Latitude� series York air conditioner is an ideal choice for those seeking a high performance and high-energy efficiency air conditioner.

Heat Pumps

�Split System� heat pumps serve the dual purpose of keeping your home nice and warm during the winters and cool and pleasant during the summer months. The York range of heat pumps include:


The Affinity series has three models of heat pumps and all of them are known for their energy efficiency and for using high-tech compressors:

8T � Besides offering a choice of seven designer colors, you also have the option to choose from 70+ collegiate panels. This York heat pump system has an efficiency rating of 18 SEER.

5T � With an efficiency rating of 15 SEER, this heat pump offers system protection, quiet heating and cooling.

3S � With over 60% efficiency, this 13 SEER heat pump system gives you the option to choose from 7 designs and 70+ collegiate panel options.


The 13 SEER YJHD model under the LX series is designed for greater efficiency and superior performance. It comes with a permanently lubricated hassle-free fan motor and a durable and elegant cabinet design.


The Latitude series has two models of heat pumps and both are known for offering affordable comfort throughout the year.

ERE � This has an efficiency rating of 14 SEER and is known for operating smoothly and quietly due to its high-tech compressor and rippled coil fins.

THGD � This is a 13 SEER model which features a demand defrost system that reduces energy cost and even resists rust and corrosion.

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